James Kadsson, an employee of the content department at CrashGame, has been an integral part of the core team since 2018

James Madison / Head of Content

James, an employee of the content department at CrashGame, has been an integral part of the core team since 2018. With extensive experience, he is responsible for creating the cornerstone content that forms the basis of the platform. Leading a team of experienced authors and content specialists, James ensures that all content presented on Crash Game is well written, truthful and accurate. His meticulous approach ensures that users can rely on the information provided, allowing them to make informed decisions in their online gambling endeavors.


 The University of Liverpool

Degree in Journalism

Gambling Expertise
Head of Content

Gambling Experience
10+ years

Other Areas of Expertise
Gambling Legislation, Slots

Favorite games

Before assuming the position of James at Crash Game, author amassed valuable work experience in the online casino industry. Having spent five years in this dynamic field, they developed a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies. In 2009, equipped with a degree in English Literature, they seamlessly transitioned into the realm of journalism.

Their profound grasp of the written word is evident in their writing, as they utilize their extensive knowledge of the online casino industry to create informative and factual articles. Through their work, they aim to empower online players, enabling them to enhance their understanding and expertise in the field. Their expertise and dedication make them a valuable asset to the CrashGame team.

Through extensive research and analysis, I strive to provide honest and reliable casino reviews that empower players to make informed choices. My goal is to ensure that every user can navigate the world of online casinos with confidence, knowing that they have accurate and trustworthy information at their disposal.

James Madison

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