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We hope that our review will help you choose the best Thunder Crash strategy.

The Thunder Crash game, released in 2018 by the well-known Spribe company, has not lost its high rating for several years. The secret to the game’s success is simple classic crash gameplay with some unique elements designed in a space theme in a retro style. Another very attractive feature of this game is that winning here depends mostly only on blind luck. Still, although nothing can guarantee you 100% victory, by choosing the right strategy, you can increase your chances of success. We hope that our review will help you choose the best Thunder Crash strategy.

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Best Thunder Crash Strategy

During the preparation of this article, our team tested different ThunderCrash strategies and compiled a list of top-notch options. Below, we describe the basic operating principles of the most reliable strategies.

Implementing The Martingale Strategy

Implementing The Martingale Strategy

Anyone who is at least a little familiar with the gambling world has probably heard about this strategy, which is used in a fairly large number of games. This strategy works by doubling your bet if you lose. Thus, following this scheme, if the doubled stake wins, then the gambler wins back the money lost on the previous losing stake.

Use The D'Alembert Strategy

Use The D’Alembert Strategy

This scheme is often compared to the previous one, but it offers a smoother stake progression. This makes this option easy to use and one of the safest. To implement this scheme, you need to provide a starting stake, increase all the following wagers by one after each loss, and raise them by one after each win.

Bets On The Average Odds

Bets On The Average Odds

This Thunder Crash strategy involves staking on average multipliers that occur more often during the game. For instance, wagering on x1.3 – x2 will bring you small but stable winnings. This system may not be attractive to high rollers, but it is perfect for beginners.

This ThunderCrash strategy involves starting the game with small stakes and dividing your budget into several rounds

Starting With Cheap Bets

This ThunderCrash strategy involves starting the game with small stakes and dividing your budget into several rounds. Thus, you can play multiple rounds and boost your winning chances. You do not risk much since you do not stake a large sum on one stake.

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Thunder Crash Game Tips

Thunder Crash Game Tips

When you play any game for the first time, everything is unusual and unfamiliar, and therefore, you can easily miss some important points. That is why we have collected for you the best tricks that will help you increase your comfort level to the maximum and play successfully.

Watch Other Players

This game can be played by many players simultaneously. This format allows you to observe other punters and evaluate their successes and failures. This will help you form your idea of the right Thunder Crash strategy.

Try The Demo Version Of The Game

The game developer presents a demo option that means that gamblers can test the game without risking the funds. Such free versions are perfect for getting used to game mechanics, interface design, stake types, etc.

Beware Of The Impact Of Greed

In crash gambling, emotions should not be higher than rationality. Don’t let greed control you. Having chosen a Thunder Crash gambling strategy, strictly follow it without succumbing to the temptation to increase the multiplier or wager sum when this is not worth doing.

Use Automatic Withdrawal Of Thunder Crash Funds

In this game, like in many similar ones, there are auto stake and auto cashout functions. That is, if you don’t want to get bored with a rather monotonous gameplay, you can select these functions, and the process will be automated. At the start of the game, you won’t have to place stakes yourself, and the cashout will happen at the fighter flight level that you have configured.

Experiment With Different Bet Sizes To Get Multipliers

Experimenting with stakes within any ThunderCrash strategy will not only help you find new ways to increase your chances but will also keep you from getting bored. We advise you to make large stakes with low multipliers, which allows you to quickly replenish your balance, and stake small amounts with higher multipliers.

ThunderCrash Strategy – Is It Effective?

The point of using one or another Thunder Crash gambling strategy is that it allows you to better comprehend how the game works and structure your gaming tactics. Even if the chosen strategy does not bring the expected winnings, it will save you from unreasonably high costs on stakes that, without a strategy, you will place chaotically without a plan.

Remember That Strategies Do Not Guarantee Success

When it comes to Thundercrash strategies, the first thing you should remember is that there is not a single one that can ensure you win in every round. Actually, if such a method existed, the game would not be reliable and safe because the principle of randomness would not work. So, all strategies we present in our review can only improve your results and increase your winning odds.

When it comes to Thundercrash strategies, the first thing you should remember is that there is not a single one that can ensure you win in every round

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Picking a Thunder Crash strategy that suits you best will greatly facilitate your game and, thanks to the stakes systematization, will increase your chances of success. Try all the strategies we suggest in the article to determine which one is the most suitable for you. However, don’t forget that strategy is not a success guarantee, and you should always play responsibly.

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