Lucky Jet Game Review

Lucky Jet Game Review

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Lucky Jet is an RNG-based crash game that was developed by a relatively recent gaming studio named Gaming Corps in 2014. The game stands out as a thrilling multiplier game specifically designed for gamblers who like to play with risk since its results rely on either remarkable luck or unwavering nerves.

Check out the Lucky Jet game review we have prepared for you on this webpage, learn about the game’s key features and advantages, and find out if it is possible to predict the game outcome.

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Best Lucky Jet Online Game Casinos To Play

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Looking for a remarkable online crash gaming experience? Your search ends here. Below, we have prepared a list of the best and the most reliable online casinos where to play Lucky Jet at. Each gambling platform boasts a contemporary user interface, seamless gameplay, a wide range of betting options and generous payout rates. 

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What Is Lucky Jet

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In order to expand their game collection and cater to a wider audience, online gambling websites nowadays strive to offer a diverse range of innovative crash games. So what is Lucky Jet? It is a crash online casino game where punters place wagers on a multiplier value that goes up until a “crash” occurs. The goal is to cash out at the right moment to secure one’s winnings, as the multiplier can rise rapidly but may crash at any point.

⚡ Game ProviderGaming Corps
✔️ Release dateNovember 2021
📉 Min. bet$0.10
📈 Max. bet$140
🎁 RTP97%
💎 VolatilityMedium
💻 DevicesPC, iOS, Android
🎰 Demo versionAvailable
⭐ Reliability Provably fair

Design & Theme

Lucky Joe with a backpack serves as a leading element

The theme of this popular online crash game combines elements of excitement, risk, and skill, offering immersive gameplay. It bears a resemblance to Aviator or Crash in its visual aspects, yet it possesses a distinct user interface. Rather than featuring an aircraft, Lucky Joe with his backpack serves as the guiding element.

Video And Audio Quality

When it comes to video and audio quality, Lucky Jet slot game definitely keeps up with other top crash games

When it comes to video and audio quality, Lucky Jet slot game definitely keeps up with other top crash games. It features high-definition visuals that allow players to enjoy every detail and animation with stunning clarity. Additionally, the top-quality audio effects complement the gameplay, simulating Lucky Joe’s take-off and crash.

Game Rules

The Lucky Jet rules are more than straightforward

The Lucky Jet crash game rules are more than straightforward. Prior to the start of each round, you are provided with the opportunity to place your bets on the jetpack. The objective of the game is to select the precise moment and click on the interactive “Cash Out” button before Lucky Joe takes off. When executed correctly, your account will be credited with winnings equal to the bet multiplied by the multiplier at the time of clicking. The maximum multiplier value is 5072x.

Lucky Crash Jet is a game that successfully passes the integrity check. The outcomes of all draws can be verified through the official website. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that this is ultimately a game of chance. The probability of winning is influenced by various factors, such as probability game theory, luck, and the possibility of miscalculating patterns.

Lucky Jet 1Win

Lucky Jet 1Win stands as a unique game that was first available only on 1Win Casino

Lucky Jet 1Win stands as a unique game that was first available only on 1Win Casino. The game can be easily found in the top menu on the website’s homepage and played with just a few clicks. Consequently, to stand out among its competitors, the 1Win Casino features an RTP of 98.3%.

To provide its users with even more chances of winning, the casino welcomes new players with a high-paying 200% first-match deposit bonus of up to $800 that may be used to play crash games. To conveniently enjoy this game on your smartphone, you can make use of the best Lucky Jet app designed by the casino for both Android and iOS devices.

How To Play The Crash Game For Real Money

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Playing the exciting Crash game for real money is a simple process that gives you a chance to win exciting rewards. Follow these simple steps to learn how to play Lucky Jet and win:

Sign Up For The Casino Account

Visit the casino’s website and tap on the Lucky Jet Sign Up button. Fill in the required details, such as your name, email, as well as other personal and contact details. Pick a preferred password, agree with the casino’s Policy and T&Cs and finish the account registration.

Navigate To The Crash Games Section

Log into your account and navigate to the main casino lobby. Look for the section specifically dedicated to Crash games. This section may be labelled as Crash, Multiplier or something similar. Click on it to access the range of crash games available on the platform.

Choose Lucky Jet

Within the Crash games category, you need to find Lucky Jet real money. Click on the game’s icon or title to enter the game interface. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules and available betting features before placing your bets.

Place Your Bet And Cash Out Before The Crash

Once you’re in, it’s time to place your bet. Choose your initial investment amount that stays within betting limits and click on the “Bet” button. Keep a close eye on the multiplier value displayed on the screen. Trust your instincts and decide when to cash out your bet by clicking on the “Cash Out” button.

Lucky Jet Live Game Features

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Lucky Jet Live offers a captivating gaming experience with a great array of features that enhance convenience, save time, and allow players to test multiple betting strategies and experiment with their wagering sessions.

Automatic Entries And Automatic Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal becomes easier and more comfortable for players. One of the notable features of the Lucky Jet money game is the convenience of Automatic Entries and Automatic Withdrawals. With these features, you can participate in the game seamlessly without the need for manual intervention. Once you’ve placed your bet, the game automatically enters you into the round, saving you time and effort. Similarly, when you decide to cash out, the winnings are automatically withdrawn to your account without any delays or extra steps. These simplified functions offer a trouble-free gaming session, letting you concentrate on the possible payouts instead of technical difficulties.

Game RTP, Odds And Payouts

Lucky Jet offers players a thrilling gaming experience with its unique crash game mechanics. While the specific values may differ based on the platform and version of the game, here is some general information about the game’s RTP, odds, and payouts:

RTP. LuckyJet typically has an RTP ranging from 95% to 99%, indicating that, on average, players can expect to receive back a significant portion of their wagers over time. The precise RTP can differ between online casinos, so it’s advisable to check the specific RTP offered by the platform you choose.
Odds. Many slot games offer jackpot and bonus games where your potential winnings can be even higher. However, the coefficient of x50, x100 and even x200 is very common in Lucky Jet. The only question is how often. On the forums, players discuss that the above x50 happens several times per hour, and more than x150 is usually once in 2–3 hours.
Payouts. The payouts in Lucky Jet can be highly rewarding, depending on the multiplier at the time of cashing out. For example, if you cash out at a multiplier of 2x, you will receive double your initial bet. However, if you decide to hold on longer and cash out at a higher multiplier, such as 10x or even higher, the payouts can be significantly more substantial.

Exclusive Lucky Jet Bonuses For New Players

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Exclusive Lucky Jet Bonuses

In addition to the thrilling gameplay, the Lucky Jet game offers new players the opportunity to enjoy exclusive bonuses at select online casinos. While these bonuses may vary, some casinos provide enticing offers such as free spins and no deposit bonuses specifically for use in the Lucky Jet slot game. However, it’s worth noting that these bonuses can be relatively rare to come across.

On our website, we prioritize casino players’ interests by ensuring that we feature and highlight the best bonus offers available from reputable casinos. This way, players can easily find and take advantage of exclusive bonuses and prolong their gambling sessions. So review the bonus deals provided by the casinos listed on this webpage and pick the best offer with reasonable playthrough terms.

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How To Win Lucky Jet Casino Game

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For you to learn how to master this game, we recommended you consider certain general tips and Lucky Jet game strategy:

Recognize the right time to quit while you are ahead in the game.
Do not hesitate to cash out and leave once you have had enough playing for the day. 
Have a stop-loss limit and experiment with a few options to determine which limits suit you best.
Avoid spending an excessively high amount on a single bet.
Examine the round history and odds to make your winning chances higher.
Avoid attempts to manipulate the game by devising your own strategies.

Best Tricks And Strategies

While the Lucky Jet live game is primarily a chance-based game, some gamblers may choose to employ certain betting strategies in an attempt to optimize their gameplay. Here are a few popular strategies, along with brief explanations of how they work:

Martingale Strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss. The idea is that eventually, you will win, and the winnings will offset the previous losses. However, this strategy requires a large bankroll and can be risky.
Fibonacci Gaming Strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.). With this strategy, you increase your bet size following a loss based on the Fibonacci sequence. If you win, you decrease your wager back to the previous two bets.
Paroli Strategy is a positive progression system where you raise your wager after a win. The idea is to capitalize on winning streaks and maximize profits. Once you reach a predetermined target or experience a loss, you start the progression again.
Flat Betting is a simple strategy where you consistently place the same bet amount throughout the game. This approach minimizes risks associated with progressive betting systems but also limits the potential for huge wins.

The Lucky Jet demo version is a great possibility to get acquainted with the gameplay, rules, and interface without risking your own money.

Lucky Jet Demo Version

The Lucky Jet demo version is a great possibility to get acquainted with the gameplay, rules, and interface without risking your own money. The Lucky Jet demo version is absolutely free for everyone who wants to try this game. The gaming process in the demo completely repeats what happens in a game for real money, but you do not have to top up your account and spend your funds on staking – just make demo stakes and see how the round goes. The demo version allows gamblers to understand the game better and develop a successful strategy for real rounds.

Playing Lucky Jet Money Game On Mobile

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Lucky Jet Money Game On Mobile

If you enjoy playing casino games on the move, it is worth noting that the Lucky Jet games is accessible on both tablets and mobile phones regardless of whether you own an Android or iOS device. Having played the game on both desktop and mobile devices, we found the overall player experience more enjoyable when gambling on a handheld device. The game feels more instinctive and easier to manage on a mobile device compared to a desktop.

Furthermore, the mobile version of Lucky Jet slot encompasses all the identical features found during gameplay on a desktop computer. Everything remains the same, including the betting options, interface, and soundtrack.

How To Predict The Lucky Jet

It’s important to note that predicting the outcome of the Lucky Jet casino game is impossible due to its randomness. Any claim of a “predictor” or system that guarantees winning results is a scam and should not be trusted or used. Lucky Jet operates on random algorithms, ensuring its unpredictability. Relying on a predictor not only leads to false expectations but also puts you at high risk of falling victim to fraudulent schemes. Remember, it is impossible to hack the online game Lucky Jet. If you genuinely desire to win, we recommend studying the tried and tested winning strategies devised by our experts.

Lucky Jet Signals

Lucky Jet Signals is a telegram bot providing information that can be defined as cheating prediction codes. The game-in signals are literally the insider information shared between players. We want to remind you that casinos don’t allow the use of any predictive software and may block your account if they find out that you use any Lucky Jet Signals Telegram channel. Therefore, we don’t recommend using it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game


Gameplay does not require any gambling skills.
Odds favour the player’s success.
Straightforward Lucky Jet rules with no hidden twists.
High potential for lucrative payouts.


No assurance of victory.
May become monotonous and uninteresting.
Risk of gambling addiction.
Substantial losses are possible.

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Similar Crash Games To Pay Attention To

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of Lucky Jet game, there are other crash games worth exploring. Here are a few titles that offer similar gameplay mechanics:

Aviator crash game is an online gambling game that combines elements of chance and risk. Players place bets on a graph representing an airplane’s take-off, and they need to predict when the plane will crash.
Jet X game is a fast-paced game that shares similarities with Lucky Jet live game, which offers competitive multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and the opportunity to win rewards.
Spaceman allows players to achieve the enormous 5000x maximum win while also being able to cash out at any time with the added benefit of a unique 50% cashout feature.
Crash X Casino game offers an exciting experience where players can aim for significant wins, with the ability to cash out at crucial moments. This game combines the thrill of timing and strategy

Final Thoughts

The Lucky Jet slot game offers an enjoyable and thrilling experience for instant cash winnings. It features an appealing design, captivating backdrop visuals, and an exciting concept that tests your luck, speed, and skills. Additionally, playing Jetlucky can be highly profitable, with the potential to earn substantial cash payouts. So why wait any longer? Step into the world of thrilling possibilities with the Lucky Jet Bet Game! Now is best time to play Lucky Jet. Place your bets, hold your breath, and let luck be your guide.

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