Space XY Game Review

Space XY Game Review

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Space XY is a renowned, innovative crash casino game developed by BGaming. Released in January 2022, the game was designed with simplicity in mind, featuring visually appealing graphics, simple rules developed for players with no previous gambling experience and useful betting features.

Do not overlook the opportunity to read the Space XY game review we prepared for you and learn valuable info about the main game mechanics and wagering options and find short but useful instructions on this to start gambling with this popular crash online game.

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TOP Online Casinos Where You Can Play Space XY

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Get ready for an unforgettable player experience and generous payouts. Browse through the list of the top online real money and crypto casinos featuring the Space XY casino game and opt for one of the gambling sites. A highly intuitive interface, flexible betting limits and lucrative rewards are features that make those casinos a perfect destination for playing crash games and practicing your wagering skills and betting strategies.

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Space XY Game Main Features

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SpaceXY is a well-known crash online casino game with a maximum payout reaching 10 000x your initial stake. The name of the game derives its significance from graph coordinates, with “x” indicating the duration of the flight and “y” signifying the height that together determine the trajectory of your rocket’s flight. Throughout the rocket’s journey, the multiplier value is prominently displayed in the center. Before you start playing and making any real-money wagers, check the main info about the game in the table below.

⚡ ProviderBGaming
✔️ Release dateJanuary 2022
📉 Min. bet$0.10
📈 Max. bet$100
💯 Max. multiplier10 000x
🎁 RTP97%
💎 VolatilityMedium
💻 DevicesPCs, smartphones and tablets
🎰 Demo versionAccessible
SpaceXY is a well-known crash online casino game

Main Theme And Gameplay Explained

The XY-Space casino game is centered around the theme of space and rockets. The gameplay of the game is designed to be as attractive to the user as possible. It involves observing a rocket flying over two coordinates and anticipating its crash in order to cash out. The gameplay of the game is designed to be as attractive to the user as possible.

The game’s simplicity is enhanced by the layout of the screen. The coordinate graph is not positioned at the center but rather slightly shifted to the right. On the left side, players can access statistics of winnings, as well as the game’s settings and rules for the crash casino game.

Video And Sound Quality

What is the XY Space game in terms of video and sound quality? It delivers impressive video due to high-definition visuals that bring the cosmic theme to life. The game features stunning graphics dominated by two vibrant colours – black and yellow as well as smooth animations as a rocket soars through space.

In addition to the visually captivating elements, the game also boasts exceptional sound quality. The game incorporates numerous sound effects that correspond to different actions, such as the start of a new round, the rocket’s launch and its explosion marking the end of the round.

What is the XY Space game in terms of video and sound quality

About BGaming Software Developer

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About BGaming Software Developer

BGaming is a rapidly growing software manufacturer that has been operating on the online gaming market since 2018. With a dedicated team of experts, BGaming has developed a huge portfolio of over 100 games, including crash games, online and video slots, card games and lotteries. BGaming possesses the capability to handle any fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, or virtual currencies utilized in social casinos worldwide.

The company that developed the crash Space XY slot game places a strong emphasis on player satisfaction and involves real gamblers in the testing and feedback process. It is also worth mentioning that the software developer employs Provably Fair technology. Through cryptographic techniques, players can authenticate the impartiality and randomness of all game outcomes.

How To Play SpaceXY At An Online Casino

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If you are ready to jump on the rocket and start your extraordinary adventure, we will guide you through all the basic steps that you need to take and start playing SpaceXY with no delays.

Choose A Casino Offering The Space XY Slot

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Log In Or Sign Up For An Account

Once you have made up your mind about the gambling platform, you will be required to set up a personal profile to start playing for real money. Hit the “Register” / ”Sign Up” button on the homepage and provide the required details regarding your identity and contact information. Then follow the casino’s instructions to verify your account.

Find The Game In The Library

Each casino may feature the game in different sections – Crash, New Releases, Slots, etc. Therefore, take your time and search for the game. If you cannot determine the corresponding section, use the Search bar or filter the games by a provider.

Place Bet

After launching the Space XY crash game, you will need to set the desired bet amount that suits your budget. The game provides you with an opportunity to make two bets for a single round, increasing the potential for massive winnings.

Cash Out Before The Rocket Crashes

Once you have submitted your bets, the round starts, and you will witness the rocket flying over the X and Y coordinates. As the game progresses, pay close attention to the rising multiplier. If you find yourself content with the amount you have accumulated, do not hesitate to cash out before the rocket crashes.

SpaceXY Game Features

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SpaceXY slot has several distinctive features that make the game a regular choice for inexperienced players and even high rollers. One particularly thrilling aspect of this game lies in its simplicity and absence of convoluted rules or symbols. Nevertheless, the game boasts enticing elements such as rocket play, multiplier options, multiple betting choices, Auto Cash-Out, Autoplay, and the opportunity to double your real-money bet. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

basic steps that you need to take and start playing SpaceXY with no delays


The central element of the XY-Space game, which determines the size of winnings, is the multiplier. As the rocket soars into space, the multiplier value rises and can reach as much as 10000x. This multiplier serves as the key to unlocking massive jackpots, multiplying your initial wager.

Multiple Bets

You are not limited to one bet only and have the chance to place multiple bets in a single round, increasing the potential to win twice as much. By placing two bets simultaneously, you effectively double their opportunities to make a killing. You can pick the value of each wager ranging from 1 to 100, as the maximum single wager limit is $100.

Auto Cash-Out

This feature adds convenience to the gameplay by eliminating manual intervention and automating the cash-out process. With Auto Cash-Out, you are able to set a predetermined point at which you want to secure your winnings customized to your bankroll. Once the rocket reaches the specified multiplier or exceeds the chosen verge, the Auto Cash-Out function will automatically cash out the bet.

Bonuses And Promotions

Welcome deposit bonuses are also eligible for space xy game

While SpaceXY itself does not have specific in-game bonuses or promotions, online casinos may propose various profitable bonuses, including free spins for online slots and no deposit bonuses that can be used on a wide range of games. Besides, some welcome deposit bonuses are also eligible for crash games. Considering that not every gambling operator is generous with bonus deals, so on this webpage, we list only those crash gambling sites that feature easy-to-claim rewards and promos that come with low wagering requirements.

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Space XY Slot RTP And Odds

The RTP percentage of the XY-Space online crash game is established at 97%

The RTP percentage of the XY-Space online crash game is established at 97%, surpassing the average of many other online slot games. With its medium volatility, this title is expected to offer balanced gameplay.

However, quantifying the winnings becomes challenging as it depends not only on Random Number Generator and the house edge, but also on the gambler’s nerves.

Betting Limits

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The Space XY provides a wide range of betting limits to accommodate the varying budgets of players. Regardless of whether you favour lower or higher stakes, this online casino game guarantees the availability of an appropriate betting range for you.

 availability of an appropriate betting range for you

Minimum Bet

Regardless of your financial status, the Space XY game for money offers the opportunity to participate and potentially win real cash, even with a small bet.

With a minimum entry fee of $0.05, you can test your luck and potentially earn a substantial sum of money as long as the rocket continues to ascend.

 limit on the maximum potential winnings

Maximum Payout

As the game has a minimum wagering requirement, it is only natural that there will be a capped limit on the maximum potential winnings.

With the ability to win up to 10 000 times your wager, players who place the maximum bet may win up to $250 000.

Is Space XY Game Legit?

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The Space XY game is legitimate and safe to play since it is developed by a renowned software manufacturer, BGaming. Its algorithm is built on a cryptographic technique which prevents the game from being manipulated and gamblers from knowing the outcome beforehand.

Applied Provably Fair technology offers casino gamblers a sense of security and ensures transparency, which are crucial elements for a secure and legit game.

Play SpaceXY On Mobile

Play SpaceXY On Mobile

The ability to play SpaceXY slot on mobile devices is a notable feature. Consequently, numerous casino operators that offer this game and other betting options have specifically tailored their platforms to ensure seamless compatibility with mobile devices.

SpaceXY BGaming has diligently crafted this game to be compatible Space XY app with Android and iOS devices, enabling users to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences while being on the move. The game exhibits prompt responsiveness to commands, devoid of any lag.

Winning Tips And Strategies

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Winning Tips And Strategies

It is worth keeping in mind that Space XY is primarily a game of luck, and no gaming strategy will guarantee constant wins. However, there are still a few tips that you may benefit from and win more:

Monitor the game for updates and innovations. Stay vigilant and closely follow the game for any changes. Even if you’re not placing bets, you may continue to observe and develop the ability to predict outcomes.
Do not dwell too much on your previous results. A positive/negative result of one round does not guarantee that it will be the same in the next round. Stay focused and avoid letting past rounds dictate your approach to future ones.
Place two bets instead of one. This is Space XY strategy help you can take advantage of higher multipliers and win more.
Use the Auto Cash-Out feature to maximize your profits. Set your auto cash-out to x2 for one bet, and manually withdraw any earnings from other bets when you’re satisfied.
Monitor crash history. Keep track of previous rocket crashes and use the statistics to place bets and win more.
Steer clear from Space XY Predictor. As it is impossible to predict the outcome of each round, the online casinos offering such games are nothing but scams.

Space XY Predictor is AI software that is designed to generate predictions about the outcome of the game round.

Space XY Predictor – Is It Effective?

Space XY Predictor is AI software that is designed to generate predictions about the outcome of the game round. The algorithms of this tool are configured to analyze statistics from previous rounds. However, considering that Space XY is a safe and legit crash game, whose gameplay is based on the RNG (Random Number Generator), it is impossible to determine the exact game result in advance. Therefore, the predictor can be used only as an auxiliary tool that may help you choose an effective strategy.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game


High RTP percentage and low house edge.
Multiple Bet option.
High multipliers.
Stunning graphics and high-quality sound effects.
Optimized for mobile devices.


Lack of special bonuses and promos.
Potential risk of gambling addiction.

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Other Crash Games To Check Out

The functioning of crash games in crypto casinos follows a similar pattern – gamblers make predictions about when the crash will occur, and if their guess falls within the designated time frame, they win. Aside from the Space XY slot, the most popular crash games include Aviator Game by Spribe, Rocketman by Elbet, JetX by SmartSoft, Pilot by Gamzix, ThunderCrash gambling game by Spribe, Lucky Jet by Gaming Corps and CSGO crash. Thus, if you want to play the same-concept game with different themes and UI designs.

Final Thoughts

Space XY stands out as a straightforward online casino crash game, primarily due to its top-quality visual and audio elements. Despite its simplicity in terms of gameplay and rules, it grants gamblers a great unique opportunity to generate big wins through the Double Bet option. The game’s easiness makes it an excellent choice for beginners, as it is quick to comprehend and play. At the same time, high maximum betting limits and multipliers make the SpaceXY game suitable for high rollers.

Explore the best online gambling casinos that allow you to play this game, register and get ready to start making money and having the best time, more info here.

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