High Striker Casino Game Review

High Striker Casino Game Review

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Evoplay’s High Striker casino game is currently one of the most played casino instant games in the modern iGaming industry. If you are a daring gambler, you stand a chance to receive a bet multiplier of up to 1000x by placing your wagers and watching a multiplier scale expanding. The longer you wait, the larger your potential prize can become, but only if you manage to claim the winnings before the “crash”.

Are you intrigued? Try out the slot for free in the demo version, or sign up to play with real money. But first, check our detailed overview of the game and learn about its gameplay, available bonuses, and special features.

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Best Sites To Play High Striker Casino Game In 2024

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If you are searching for legitimate online casinos that provide substantial value for your money, you are exactly where you need to be. Presented below is a compilation of the best High Striker casinos. This list has been created by professional online casino reviewers as well as a team of dedicated experts in crash gambling. Rest assured that each website guarantees secure transactions, outstanding customer support, and enjoyable online gambling sessions.

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About High Striker Casino Game

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High Striker slot is a crash game that offers players the opportunity to place bets

High Striker slot is a crash game that offers players the opportunity to place bets at the beginning of each round and withdraw their winnings before the line crashes. Developed by Evoplay in 2018, it utilizes a continuously escalating multiplier that can reach up to 1000x for each wager placed. While its design could have been more cohesive with the gameplay, the online slot game holds a strong position in the gambling market.

⚡ ProviderEvoplay
✔️ Launch Date2019
🎲 Game TypeInstant crash game
👨‍💻 TechnologyHTML5
📉 Min. bet$1
📈 Max.  bet$90
💰 Max. Win$90 000
🎁 RTP98.00%
💎 VolatilityLow
💻 DevicesPC, smartphone, tablet
🎰 Demo versionAvailable

Game Interface And Theme

The High Striker online game has a simplistic appearance, resembling old-school games. The design can be described as minimalistic, lacking a specific theme commonly seen in modern crash games, such as Spaceman, Aviator game play real money and Lucky Jet.

The game interface is divided into two parts. On the left side of the screen, you can follow the ascending line, while on the right side of the screen, you can place your bet and use the “Cash Out” button.

The High Striker online game has a simplistic appearance, resembling old-school games.

The essential information for players, including betting fields, cash balance, and multiplier numbers, is accentuated with a white color scheme. The History section displays the player’s bet for the round, the multiplier at which the crash happened, the profit earned, and a clickable check mark to access the corresponding hash.

Video And Image Quality

Despite featuring a minimalistic design, the High Striker Evoplay slot offers captivating HD image quality.

Despite featuring a minimalistic design, the High Striker Evoplay slot offers captivating HD image quality. The interface predominantly employs black color, complemented by a striking yellow multiplayer feature and a yellow trajectory line, enhancing visual appeal without causing any distractions during gameplay. Additionally, the prominent green Bet and Cash Out buttons ensure easy visibility, eliminating the risk of overlooking it.

Unlike Aviator, Zeppelin, TrustDice and other popular crash games, High Striker does not include any sound elements, focusing solely on delivering a visual gaming experience.

How To Play In High Striker Game Online?

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The game mechanics of the slot are identical to those of any other crash game, with no reels and spins involved. So if you played any crash online game at least once in the demo version, you already know what to do. And yet, to start playing the High Striker game online for real money, there are a few steps that you need to take.

Choose One Of The Online Casinos On Our Website

While you may easily practice placing bets using the demo version of the game at Evoplay’s official website, you need to choose the online casino to get real-money payouts. Our team of dedicated live casino reviewers have checked dozens of gambling platforms with the High Striker Evoplay game and selected only the best casinos in terms of mobile compatibility, secure transactions and quick-to-respond customer service. Browse through the list of available options and pick your casino.

Create An Account And Make A Deposit

Head to the homepage of the chosen gambling platform and click on the Sign Up/Register/Join Now button. To set up an account at the online casino offering the High Striker online slot, you need to fill in the registration form with your personal and contact info, as well as, in some cases, indicate your country of residence. Next, proceed to the Deposit section, decide on the most convenient payment solution and make the initial real-money deposit.
*Note that you need to provide only accurate info, as for further account identification, you may be requested to submit documentation that can preview the information you provided during registration.

Place Your Bets And Win

Now comes the best part – you get to find the High Striker casino game in the gaming library and place your first bet. Decide on the size of your bet and place it. We recommend placing your first 3-4 bets manually so that you fully understand how the CashOut option works and only then proceed to use the Auto Cash Out feature. As the multiplayer increases proportionally, catch the right second and cash out your wager to collect your profit.

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High Striker Gameplay and Features

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The gameplay of High Striker is incredibly simplistic, with the objective being to make a bet and click on the CashOut button before the line crashes. Regrettably, the developer of the High Striker casino game, Evoplay Gaming, has made a deliberate choice not to introduce additional bonus features. Still, you have the option to review your game history and utilize basic Manual and Autoplay settings.

Manual Cash Out

In the High Striker slot, Manual Cash Out is available to let gamblers manually end their wager at any point they feel comfortable with the current multiplier. It provides a level of control and allows casino players to strategically decide when to exit the game and secure their winnings.

Auto Cash Out

This feature was introduced by Evoplay to automate players’ bets. The player needs to indicate the bet size and the multiplier value, at which their bet should be cashed out automatically. It reduces the risk of missing the right cash-out point due to delays in reacting to the game’s progression.

Betting Range And Payouts

the High Striker online game allows you to place a minimum bet of $1

Given that instant games can be quite addictive, Evoplay has decided to implement reasonable betting limits, particularly in terms of the minimum bet. Thus, the High Striker online game allows you to place a minimum bet of $1. As for the maximum bet limit, Evoplay has established it at $90 or the equivalent in the game’s currency.

Each round generates a random payout determined by the multiplier, ranging from 1x to 1000x. In terms of the jackpot, the online crash game lacks any bonus features or elements that can randomly award higher prizes. The only way to hit the jackpot is by reaching the highest multiplier, which requires a great deal of patience.

Game RTP And Maximum Possible Win

The High Striker Evoplay slot has a set RTP of 98%, which determines it as a low-volatility game. The RTP indicates the amount of money the game pays out over a set period. It means that in the long run, the player has substantial chances to return $98 from every $100 wagered. With a maximum multiplayer of 1000x, the highest possible payout reaches $90 000. In comparison to other blockchain-oriented crash games, High Striker demonstrates a significantly lower potential for winning.

Can I Play The High Striker Online On Smartphone?

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High Striker game is available and seamlessly operates on both Android and iOS platforms

Upon examining the game’s product sheet and testing the game on multiple devices, we confirmed that the game is available and seamlessly operates on both Android and iOS platforms. Furthermore, Evoplay has optimized the High Striker casino game for vertical play, eliminating the need for screen rotation and allowing players to utilize all the features in full.

To provide a comprehensive experience, a mobile version of the game is available for testing in the demo mode. The website facilitates the selection of either the mobile or desktop demo versions.

Pros And Cons Of The High Striker Online Game

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There are several advantages of selecting the High Striker Evoplay game over other crypto-based crash games, more info here. Notably, it is a game purely based on luck, eliminating the need for extensive practice, skills, or complex strategies. Each round is quick and self-contained, requiring no long-term planning. Nevertheless, there are certain factors that may discourage you from choosing this game.


Game rules are easy to understand and follow.
Support for automatic bets.
High RTP
Opportunity to track the game’s performance.
Availability of the trial version of the game.
Reasonable betting limits.


 Inaccessible in major online casinos that do not accept cryptos.
Simplified graphics and no attached theme.
Can contribute to addictive behaviors.
No bonus features and rewards.

Other Games You Might Like

Although crypto crash games are based on one set of rules, some gamblers may still prioritize the modern theme and design as well as the top-quality sound effects, which are not available in the High Striker casino slot.

If you are one of those players, we recommend paying attention to the following games:

Jet X
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The High Striker online casino game offers crypto gamblers a chance to make a significant profit, as it features a remarkable RTP, transparent payouts and straightforward gameplay, in addition to a mobile-friendly demo version. Despite multiple advantages, High Striker fails to provide a gaming theme and bonuses, which can occasionally result in a rather monotonous experience. So if your main focus lies in making some profit, rather than enjoying the stunning graphics and sounds, pick one of the casinos we recommend and play the High Striker game online.

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